Fattest Dog in the World

No folks, this fat Alsatian is not bloated from drinking all of those beers. This is the fattest dog in the World [fattest cat in the World].
Guinness World Records prevent dogs entering for the "Fattest Dog in the World" because of cruelty reasons (and quite rightly so). Therefore, we are unable to obtain anymore details about this fat dog apart from it's weight being estimated at around 70-80kg!!! That is heavier than most people!

fattest dog in the world
The Worlds fattest dog laying on the beach
fattest dog in the world
We always like to remind people that feeding your animals to excess is cruel and dangerous. Please do not use your pets as money makers :)

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37 Response to "Fattest Dog in the World"

  1. Jan says:

    This is a very sad and sorry story. Treating dogs like pigs for the slaughter is so cruel. How would their owners like to look like that ~ or do they?

    Dogs are also creatures with feelings like humans. And it is sad to know that some of them are not well-treated. Not remembering that they are of big help to us. I think it's time for everyone to wake up in the reality that dogs are creatures that we should loved and cared for.

    It is really sad to see people doing this maltreatment to animals. For me, animals should be treated well by people because it is our obligation us human being who has an intelligent mind to take care of them.

    Many love and treat dogs like they are human beings but there are those who treat dogs like they are just toys to be played with. Like human beings, obesity on dogs can be very risky and harmful to them. Letting their dog weight that much may cause higher risk of the dog's death. And it's really a cruel thing to do to let your dog weight as much as 80kg just to be on the newspaper and tabloids. Let's love and take good care of our pet dogs because they are giving back the same love to us.

    I feel so sorry about this issue.. People should treat this kind of animal properly and provide the right care because they can help us in some emergency situations. Dogs deserved to be love like a human and a friend..

    Wow, how is that even possible? That dog looks literally like a pig!

    Shown says:

    Really it is amazing dog of the world. I have two puppy but they will never be so strong and big.

    This cruelty to animals. Feeding your pets more than then needed diet is not good. In the end, it is our pet that is going to suffer. Just like the one posted above. This dog cannot enjoy much of his life because he/she cannot carry his/her own weight. Please, do not abuse your pets. I,myself cannot kill an insect. i respect every little creature that lives on earth. Please! Love the animals.

    I'm so into animals and seeing that dog suffer from bloating is like a torture. I just wonder if that fattest dog can still manage to stand. Feeding them a lot is okay but feeding them more than enough isn't right.

    That was really fat dog indeed! It looks cuddly but I think it's useless. It can't protect the home owner because he can't ran nor move swiftly. It was just obesity that can lead to death. By the way thanks for imparting this pictures.

    What a fat dog, obese rather! What food did the owner give to him? Hope,other dog lovers will not allow their beloved dogs to become the fattest dog in the world. We should be conscious always to our pets' health. Like humans, their health needs to be given importance.

    This dog looks so cute. I'm so pleased to have read some info about this one. Thanks so much for this updates.

    tucson says:

    Wow that's a big dog!

    Whoah! How cruel of them. Please don't hurt the animals, for you just to make money. I, myself, cannot stand to kill even just a fly or any insect. I just just make them go away. I know that dog suffered a lot.

    OMG! I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Some people are not keen on their pets probably out of ignorance or carelessness. This dog looks like a pig. Does the owner really care about its welfare?

    Whoa! those are some really fat, FAT dogs!! That is inhumane I think that people can let dogs get that fat. That is crazy. Hopefully this bring attention to people that they need to treat their dogs right and make them healthy!

    It is good to seem some people related to dog sites actually commenting on their main clients, dogs. I too have a personal stake in keeping dogs slim, being a dog walker. Hard to understand how at some stage that people didn't realise they needed to walk their dogs and stop shoving food into the dogs mouths! I guess this site is a good news site, when you hear about some of the dogs returning to a good healthy weight!

    Ew that things huge! haha

    I agree that we should not treat dogs like that! Very cruel! Honestly, In my entire life It is my first time I saw a dog that is too big like that! We should treat them right and love them with all our heart.

    wow, those dogs are so big, I might consider this a case of animal cruelty. How do you let your dog get that big?

    morgan says:

    how cruel are you people?

    Danny says:

    Wow talk about a lap dog

    Dan says:

    They may need a hobby

    Anonymous says:

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

    nikhil says:

    Really it is amazing dog of the world. Great job...

    Didnt someone at some stage think he was getting just a little too big? I think his guard dog days are over. What he needs is small amounts of healthy treats for doing lots of good exercise!

    That's terrible! I thought it was a hog when I first saw it. It looks so sad. I hope the owners get into trouble for it.

    Having this as a pet will actually fo0rced me to have credits. I bet feeding time of time adorable dog will be a great trouble.

    Anonymous says:


    Oh my goodness, poor thing! He's probably laying there because it's hard for him to support himself on those little legs. I hope his owners got him into shape like that other golden retriever's did!


    oh..how did it happen.he had a genetic problem..is it?

    Oh my god, it's the fatest dog i've ever seen but he's kinda cute

    Anonymous says:

    this is ridiculous and hateful just so u can say that ur freaking dog is the biggest they must be one of those pet owners that think they can replace thier deceased pet thats sick i could never replace my babies {my 2 siberian huskies} i would never put them through this that is so unhealthy

    I couldn't believe that money makes people so cruel. Poor dog!

    Anonymous says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone get me a high resolution version of those pictures! - @message me on twitter @abrasion.

    This is my favourite dog of all time, he's hilarious.
    (I even use him as my background on twitter) www.twitter.com/abrasion/

    Thank you someone!

    Anonymous says:

    I can't even kill a rat or a mouse never mind a dog

    Anonymous says:

    Im pretty sure thats why people have dogs for pets...

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