Extremely Fat Dog Loses Weight!

fat dog loses weight
This is the fat labrador "Minni" when she weighed a whopping 60kg!!!!

Thankfully, this story ends with a happy ending because her new owner managed to help her lose all the weight.

Minni is now a happy normal sized dog with a loving owner.

Left - Minni now, as a normal dog
Below - Minni as a fat dog
fat dog loses weight
 Minni may have been one of the fattest dogs ever but she bounced back.

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Fattest Dog in the World

No folks, this fat Alsatian is not bloated from drinking all of those beers. This is the fattest dog in the World [fattest cat in the World].
Guinness World Records prevent dogs entering for the "Fattest Dog in the World" because of cruelty reasons (and quite rightly so). Therefore, we are unable to obtain anymore details about this fat dog apart from it's weight being estimated at around 70-80kg!!! That is heavier than most people!

fattest dog in the world
The Worlds fattest dog laying on the beach
fattest dog in the world
We always like to remind people that feeding your animals to excess is cruel and dangerous. Please do not use your pets as money makers :)

Is this the Heaviest Dog in the World?

WOW! This fat dog looks like a giant rat!
This spotty Dalmatian must be the heaviest dog in the World (or the fattest?)

heaviest fattest dog in the world
Could this be the heaviest dog in the World?

Very Fat Dog

This fat dog was spotted by a keen snapper in Greece...and we all thought the Mediterranean was supposed to be healthy?

fat dog
A contender for the fattest dog in the World?
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